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March-April – If you can tough the weather or pick a sunny day this is a great time to fish the Pinedale area.  The snow is off the water, fish are hungry, rivers are a place of solitude. Typical day this time of the year is 6-15″ fish with a few over 20 inches.  Streamers and nymphs are the best method! Scheduling Availability: EASY.

May-  Pre-Run-Off!  This may be one of the best times of the year for a true monster fish!  The water conditions can be a bugger to predict, but the rewards can be worth the struggle.  Streamers and nymphs are in full working mode!  This is the best time to fish big nasty bugs with big lines.  If you like catching hungry fish don’t overlook this month.  Soda Lake is also officially opening for the season and we have had incredible days fishing Soda Lake this time of the year.  Late evening fishing is best on Soda Lake and we have some killer leech patterns that the fish just LOVE this time of the year! We also have access to a few private leased waters that run clear and high this time of the year! One of our Brown trout trophy leases is on fire when things get muddy on the main rivers! Scheduling Availability: MEDIUM

June- This is a hard month to predict, but don’t overlook it!  Seedskadee is fishing lights-out this time of the year!  We get some dry fly action in June down there and some of the best fish of the summer come to the net!  The Upper Green River near the lakes runs clear this time of the year and is always worth the drive.  If you’re lucky and have a little flexibility, stay in contact with the shop and plan a short notice fishing trip when the conditions are right and you can have ‘ONE OF THOSE DAYS’ that keep us coming back as fishermen! Scheduling Availability: MEDIUM – HARD

July– This is our most popular month – hands down – to fish the Green and New Fork rivers. We start having some world-class dry fly fishing the first few days of the month (sometimes late June) and it usually lasts most of the month, slowly tapering down mid-July.  The Gray Drake hatch is SO much fun to fish- hitting it just right can be a little tricky, but early July is a given.  The streamer fishing can be very good as well, given the right water conditions.  Our shop had to turn away lots of anglers last season during the month of July, so if you’re thinking this is your month –  BOOK EARLY! Scheduling Availability: HARD

August – The crowds start to thin down a little this month, but August is by far our 2nd busiest month of the year!  We start to have great big bug fishing on the surface with stones and hoppers.  The rivers are starting to drop and we start to see some mid-day fishing blues for sure on the hot days.  Our guides know and understand our rivers — they have some great days fishing this time of the year and always know which sections are fishing best.  If you like tossing big dries and foam flies, check this time of the year out! Scheduling Availability: MEDIUM – HARD

September- This month is known among our guides as “one of the best secrets!”  Hunters are hunting, and the tourist crowds are gone after Labor Day.  Once we have a good cold front move across our area, the fish start to get very aggressive.  We fish streamers a lot this time of the year.  Water is clear and low which increases the level of skill to catch a lot of fish.  Longer casts, and more stealth behind the rod can make all the difference.  HINT – the weather is almost always beautiful this time of the year! Scheduling Availability: MEDIUM

October – This time of the year is a little hit or miss with weather, but the fishing is very very good!  We fish lower sections of the Green and New Fork and also spend a lot of time on the limited permit Seedskadee section.  Some truly incredible days have happened in October.  Streamer fishing is solid and always brings you the best chance for some big fish!  Don’t forget to check out our Cast and Blast trip options this month! Scheduling Availability: MEDIUM (weekends HARD)

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