Kit Pflughoft has a deep, lifelong passion for fly fishing. Having grown up in Pinedale, he first started flyfishing when he was old enough to ride a bike down to the closest creek, armed with a fly rod and a dozen or so flies. This evolved into a full blown obsession very quickly, occupying every bit of free time available. Kit learned to row a drift boat before he got his driver’s license and started guiding trips shortly after graduating high school. He graduated from the University of Wyoming in 2015 and has since spent his time flyfishing across the west and chasing saltwater species in the Gulf of Mexico. Kit enjoys guiding anglers of all skill and experience levels and believes that a positive, teachable attitude is 90% of what it takes to have fun and catch fish. Kit’s favorite way to fish when he is not guiding other anglers is to throw large streamers and dredge the deep holes, runs and the banks where large Brown trout like to hide. When not fishing, Kit enjoys many other outdoor activities, but he would usually rather be on the water somewhere casting a fly rod in search of trophy fish.