Eric Oram
Eric OramGuide Manager/Co-Owner
Eric has a passion for life and loves to fish. His life is about family, teaching, coaching, and fishing. He is the local high school head boys’ basketball and track and field coach. He has a young family and works hard to be a great dad. He learned to fly fish while living in Cody, Wyoming and has been guiding for over 12 years. He knows how to catch fish-period! He loves being guide and sharing a little of his backyard with others.
Mike Kaul
Mike KaulGuide
Mike Kaul, a western Wyoming native, started fly fishing at age 8 under the tutelage of his grandfather on the renowned Green and New Fork Rivers. He has taken every opportunity in the past 48 years to cast a fly to wily trout that inhabit the many streams around Pinedale, which flow from the Wind River Mountains.
Tim Scott
Tim ScottGuide
Tim Scott spent his summers growing up in Pinedale and stalking trout all over Sublette County. After graduation from the University of Montana, he started a 27-year career in the US Air Force. Although his duties to took him the four corners of the world Tim continued to call Pinedale home and never missed a chance to return to fish our pristine blue ribbon waters.
Andrew Drasch
Andrew DraschGuide
Originally from Port Washington, Wisconsin, Andrew has been a fly-fishing guide in Pinedale for ten years. His expansive knowledge of the Green and the New Fork Rivers makes him a great choice for first-time and returning clients. He loves tying flies, the Simpsons, and is a sucker for dogs.
Bryan Lane
Bryan LaneGuide
Bryan was first introduced to fishing by his parents when he was only 3 years old. By the time he turned 5, his father and uncle gave him his own small pack frame and they set off on many backpack fishing adventures in the High Sierra Mountains of California/Nevada. Bryan was “hooked” and has been an avid fisherman ever since.
Rusti Christensen
Rusti ChristensenGuide
Come spend a day fly fishing with Rusti and you’ll know the joy of fly fishing as it is meant to be! She has spent a lifetime enjoying the sport with family and friends and early on became a guide. Her gratitude for life and fun took her on an around the world adventure, serving our great country with the United States Navy. Rusti’s gentleness, coupled with her years of experience guiding and her absolute fun nature make spending time with her a reward in itself
Liam Cunningham
Liam CunninghamGuide
After graduating with a degree in Outdoor Leadership, Liam decided to chase his dream of being a full-time fly fishing guide. Liam moved to Pinedale shortly after graduation and fell in love with chasing the massive Brown trout in both the Green and the New Fork rivers while also stalking Cutthroat in the area’s crystal clear creeks.
Kyle Burrell
Kyle BurrellGuide
Kyle Burrell was born and raised in the Chattooga River country of northeast Georgia and has been seriously fly fishing, fly tying, and building custom fly rods since 1984. Kyle has an extensive resume when it comes to trout fishing. He has a Master’s Degree in Forest Resources Management with a concentration on coldwater fisheries and is a licensed U.S. Coast Guard Captain.
Jesse McGettrick
Jesse McGettrickGuide
Jesse has been obsessed with fish since the time he could walk. He has been in Pinedale for eight years, and in that time has mastered the layout of our local lakes and rivers. He loves tying massive streamers (the uglier the better) and mouse-fishing under the full moon.
Austin Keene
Austin KeeneGuide
Having grown up on trout waters in the mountains of Virginia, fly rods were the norm for Austin throughout his childhood. That passion grew with age and he ventured west to find the scenic peaks, crystal-clear rivers, and infamous trout that filled his dreams. He began his guiding career in 2004 in the backcountry of Idaho. In 2005, he graduated from the Western Rivers Professional Guide School, and in 2010 from the University of Tennessee with a B.S. in Wildlife and Fisheries Science.
Eli Crumley
Eli CrumleyGuide
The foothills of the Appalachian Mountains is where Eli calls home. He has had a passion for fishing since he could walk-flinging flies at trout in southern Appalachia. Eli attended Young Harris College on a golf scholarship, but off the course you could always find him fishing in the Georgia and North Carolina mountains. As soon as he finished college he started his guiding career and has been sharing his passion for fly fishing with others ever since.
Trey Wall
Trey WallGuide
Born and raised in Georgia, Trey developed a passion for playing outdoors at an early age. Whether it was catching bluegill on a dock, chasing deer in the woods, or building a stick fort, it was never enough outdoor time. Trey’s first introduction to fly fishing came when he moved to the Appalachian Mountains of North Georgia to attend Young Harris College.
Brad Heath
Brad HeathGuide
He cut his teeth on the Green River that flows through Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge and continues to fish this area every chance he gets. You will also find Brad on the local rivers and lakes that surround Pinedale as soon as waters thaw, targeting large trout that populate these lakes and rivers.
Katie Lane
Katie LaneGuide
Having grown up in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest (Idaho, Alaska, and Oregon), combined with a career in biology of over 20 years, Katie has had the opportunity to spend her entire life exploring the outdoors and fishing many incredible streams.
Kit Pflughoft
Kit PflughoftGuide
Kit Pflughoft has a deep, lifelong passion for flyfishing. Having grown up in Pinedale, he first started fly fishing when he was old enough to ride a bike down to the closest creek, armed with a fly rod and a dozen or so flies. Kit learned to row a drift boat before he got his driver’s license and started guiding trips shortly after graduating high school.
Colin Buchanan
Colin BuchananGuide
Colin Buchanan was born and raised in the Carolinas and has spent over 15 years chasing both salt and fresh water fish with a fly rod. Upon leaving the Army in 2008 he has dedicated himself to being the best float guide possible.