David Brown

It’s full on dry time here, and the fish are hammering bugs on the surface.  Right up against the banks, in the sloughs, under the foam, pretty much everywhere you think they’d be, they’re eating.  We’ve had a string of great days this past week and it seems everyone’s completely forgotten about the streamers and nymphs for now.  Bring the arsenal, as they’re taking everything from Gray Drakes to Circus Peanuts to Blue Wings off the top.

Green River: 765 CFS @ Warren Bridge.  Chubby Chernobyls, Water Walkers, Gray Drake Film Critics, PMD’s

New Fork River: 744 CFS @ Big Piney.  Circus Peanuts, Purple Bruces, Adams Super Flies, BWO’s

Seedskadee: 654 CFS @ Fontenelle Dam.  The moss is building up already, and until the Bureau of Reclamation lets water out, it’s just going to get worse.  Watch your water temps and give the trout a break once that thermometer starts creeping upward of 66.

Lakes: Alpine lakes are on fire right now with fish taking advantage of open water, bugs, and minimal pressure.  Lace up those boots and get hiking if you want solitude and stupidly good fishing.  In the frontcountry, the bigger macs are slowly creeping deeper, but we’re still seeing big fish being caught.  Chironomid action on Soda is picking up if you’re up for a challenge.