Adipose Brown

That adipose fin is something else!

We’re seeing a definite shift toward subsurface action this week as the overnight temps are hovering in the 30’s-40’s.  Keep packing those BWO’s and midge dries though, as hatches have been popping up and will bring fish to the surface.

New Fork River: 280 CFS @ Big Piney.  Sporadic dry action on BWO’s and Midges with the occasional take on Chubbies.  Subsurface is where the real action is, with nymphs and streamers delivering consistently.

Green River:  149 CFS @ Warren Bridge.  It’s loooow.  Fish are stacking up in the holes and getting spooky, but approach quietly and you might be in for a big surprise.  Midges, BWO emergers, and other nymphs in the 16-18 range have been the ticket.

Seedskadee:  1080 CFS @ Fontenelle Dam.  It’s go time, with water temps right in the sweet spot.  Midges, Scuds, BWO’s, and egg patterns fished on the swing or on an indicator are the ticket.  The closure above the wire at Weeping Rock goes into effect Oct. 1, so be mindful this coming week of where you are.  Keep an eye out for redds as the browns start getting into the spawn and give those fish a break!