Eric Rainbow

It’s September and fall is on the way!  We had the first cold snap of the season this past week, sending temps into the teens for a few nights and dropping water temps just enough to get the fish back on the feed bag.  The alarm bells have been rung and they know winter is coming, so they’re munching away.  With the colder temps we’re seeing more subsurface activity on nymphs and streamers as fish move their focus away from the surface, but we’re still getting whacked on foamy dries.  For the streamer junkies like the guy in the picture up there, it’s getting to be the time to sling meat again as Browns start getting fired up for their spawn and the hormones are making them seriously agitated.

The Fishy Stuff:

New Fork River:  301 CFS @ Big Piney.  Flows have actually crept up a hair in the lower river this week, making the stretches below Boulder a little more manageable for boats.  Above Boulder things are still very thin and not a great idea to float unless you really enjoy dragging your boat all day.  Fish activity has picked up with the lower water temps and we’re seeing action on Chubbies, Ants, Hoppers, and a slew of subsurface patterns like 20 Inchers and Perdigons.  The streamer bite has picked up as well, with action on Barely Legals and our new favorite meat, the Swim Coach.

Green River:  182 CFS @ Warren Bridge.  Water levels are ideal for wading in the Warren Bridge section and above the Forest Boundary.  Temps above the boundary are significantly lower this week with cold nights ratcheting them down.  Ideal for wading means floating the upper sections is getting very bony, and most folks are sticking to the sections below the Hatchery or lower, but be prepared to drag.  Fish are still taking Chubbies off the surface and starting to pick up more on the nymphs and streamers in the deeper pockets.  Try out some Girdle Bugs, Hot Head Pheasant Tails, and Dungeons in the deeper stuff.

Seedskadee:  1330 CFS @ Fontenelle Dam.  Water temps are still hovering in the 60’s with warm water coming through the dam.  The browns are starting to stack up, but keep an eye on the water temps throughout the day as we’ll see daytime temps in the high 70’s and low 80’s.  If water temps are pushing 70, give ’em a break.  Mornings have been productive on Hot Head Pheasant Tails, Scuds, and streamers.

Lakes:  High country lakes are fishing great right now, but access has suddenly become an issue.  The trailheads south of New Fork Lakes have been severely affected by the storm that ripped through the west earlier this week.  The trails out of Elkhart, Boulder, Scab Creek, and Big Sandy are littered with downed trees and practically impassable.  If you’re headed into the backcountry from the Pinedale side, Green River Lakes and New Fork Lakes trailheads are the only real options to get in at this point.  USFS crews are working to clear trails as fast as they can, for more info give the Pinedale USFS office a ring at 307-367-4326.