Mary Ann Brown

Fall is on the way!  We’re expecting to see a significant drop in temperature over the next few days, and that’s going to do good things for the fish here.  Lower water temps will trigger fish to start packing on the protein for winter and get the hormones moving in the Browns.  Expect the next few weeks to be good!  We’re also gearing up for our Cast & Blast season starting Sept. 26th, and it seems the birds are starting to stack up already.  Give us a call for details!


The Fishy Stuff:

New Fork River:  306 CFS @ Big Piney.  Tricos, BWO’s, Foamies, Perdigons, Streamers.  Things are getting too low to float in anything except a small raft above Boulder, but lower down there’s plenty of water and the mornings have been great!

Green River:  260 CFS @ Warren Bridge.  Tricos, BWO’s, Foamies, Perdigons, Swim Coaches.  Upper stretches are getting pretty bony for floating, but the wade fishing has been very productive through the Warren and Hatchery accesses.

Seedskadee:  1440 CFS @ Fontenelle Dam.  The heat has caught up down there, with morning water temps starting in the mid 60’s.  The cooler weather moving in should help cool things off but keep an eye on the water temps and give those fish a break if it’s approaching 70.