The dog days of summer are here, and wildfires are popping up all over the west.  But wait, the fishing’s getting better?  Yep, sure is!  It seems all that stuff burning in California and elsewhere is pumping smoke into the sky and blanketing the west, which means a sort of high altitude cloud cover for us and the fish are loving it.  So if you’re not too put off by not having a bright sunny blue sky, you’re likely going to find rising fish and cooler water temps all around.

The Fishy Stuff:

New Fork River:  328 CFS @ Big Piney.  Tricos, Stubby Chubbies, nymphs.  Hopper/dropper combos are working well, and dredging the deeper holes with nymph rigs has been yielding some big healthy fish.

Green River:  271 CFS @ Warren Bridge.  Stubby Chubbies, big Chubbies, Tricos, PMD’s, BWO’s, Swim Coaches.  Caddis in the evenings.

Seedskadee:  1460 CFS @ Fontenelle Dam.  Tricos, Blue Wings, Scuds, Micro Matchers