Josh Brown

Yesssir!  That’s a dandy!  Josh struck gold this week while checking in on one of our exclusive waters with this ridiculously pretty stud brown.  I mean, just look at that cheek!  Ok, seriously though, things are looking good around here right now.  The weather is getting warmer, more and more water is opening up, and the bugs are starting to hatch.  We’ve seen lots of fish food flying around in the past week and the fish are really turning on.  Our guides are greasing trailer axles, putting the finishing touches on their fly collections, and practicing their hook removal skills.  With the annual opening of several WYGF Habitat Management Areas as of today, more water is suddenly accessible including Soda Lake.  The specifics are below, here’s the obligatory shop news first.

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Fly Tying Live!Join Eric live this coming Tuesday at 7 p.m. on the Sublette BOCES Facebook page to get started tying flies and learn what it’s all about.  Learn about tools and materials, ask questions, and twist up some bugs as Eric shows you how.  Got questions about the class?  Give us a shout!

 Chris Dungeon Head

Practice makes perfect.  Also, don’t forget to pinch your barbs, you may regret it.

The Fishy Stuff:

New Fork River: 392 CFS @ Big Piney.  It’s fishing!  Fish are looking for attractor nymphs in sizes 10-18 (FKAP’s are lighting it up).  We’re seeing a mix of mayflies, stoneflies, and caddis hatching and some sporadic rises to them.  If lobbing meat is more your style, Dungeons in black, yellow, and olive are getting attention if fished deep, slow, and not in your skull.  Hey, nobody’s perfect.  KG’s Eyelash Minnows also busted some lips in the past few days.  The water has started creeping up a tiny bit in the last 24 hours but as of this morning is still plenty clear.

Green River:  654 CFS @ Warren Bridge.  Spike!  The Green has climbed pretty steadily over the past week and is running dirty.  Water is cleaner the higher up you go, but the road above the forest boundary is still snowed in, so don’t drive on it and get stuck.  You can walk if you really want to fish it.  Really flashy nymphs, bright worm patterns, and disco ball streamers are working but patience is key.

Seedskadee:  1380 CFS @ Fontenelle Dam.  Midges, sowbugs, worm patterns, scuds.  Not much changed here this week as the flows have remained stable.  It’s been really warm and sunny so there has been an increase in bug activity and with it the fish have ramped up their gobbling a bit.  Always be ready for a fight this time of year!

Lakes:  Yeah, we can talk lakes now!  Soda is open as of this morning and 95% clear of ice.  People are fishing it and we expect reports by the end of the day.  Scuds and balanced leeches are the ticket early season, and we’ve got some killer custom patterns in the shop.  The ice is rapidly losing its hold on Half Moon, Fremont, Boulder, and the other front country lakes with open water starting to grow.  Sorry, die hards, the alpine lakes are still firmly inaccessible unless you’re going to ski in with an ice auger.