Eric Brown


Big fish deserve big pictures and TRFC Co-Owner/Guide Manager Eric Oram found a good one this week with this stud brown that absolutely destroyed a streamer.  With water temps creeping up and the weather about to get really nice, we’ve been seeing big browns on the move and rainbows getting fired up in the faster water.  It’s time to get out there, but if you can’t get out there and are stuck at home wondering what to do with yourself, you can join Eric live on Facebook starting May 5 to twist up some bugs.  Details below, to join in on Facebook live, check out the Sublette County BOCES Facebook page here:  If you haven’t already, orders for tying supplies need to be in by 4/27, so drop by or call the shop so we can get what you need!


Fly Tying Class

Other News:

April’s almost over, and that means two things:  Our Social Distancing Special will be over May 1, this coming week is your last chance to get a single person float for $425.  Give us a call to book a trip!  Also, this is the last week to buy tickets for our Gratitude for Guides raffle to help out our full time guides with what is going to be a challenging season.  We’ll be drawing winners on May 1, and there will be multiple float trips in the pot, so get your tickets while you can by calling the shop or clicking the banner below!

Gratitude for Guides Raffle

The Fishy Stuff:

New Fork River: 356 CFS @ Big Piney.  The gauge is working, yay!  The New Fork has been running clear and producing fish.  Look for the deeper dark water, they aren’t up under the banks quite yet.  Rainbows are staging in the faster riffles and we’ve seen some pretty significant midge hatches in the last few days that have really turned the fish on.  It’s still mostly a nymph and streamer game although sporadic rises to hatching midges have been seen here and there.  Try tossing some Zebra Midges, Worm patterns, and other attractor nymphs or get low and slow with some heavy streamers in the dark water.

Green River:  242 CFS @ Warren Bridge.  The Green has been very slowly on the rise since Monday with warmer temps creeping up into the upper river valley.  Expect it to be slightly off color but just enough to get the fish anxious about eating whatever they can.  Worm patterns can be deadly right now as they’re looking to pack on the pounds before runoff hits.  Other attractor nymphs will work as well as midges but you’ll need to get them down deep and in their faces.

Seedskadee:  1390 CFS @ Fontenelle Dam.  Being stable is key to this tailwater, and it’s exactly that right now.  Holding right around 1300 CFS for the past week, the fish are happy, eating, and willing to play.  Look for lots of midge activity, some sporadic blue wing olives, and lots of scud action.  Hot flies right now are sowbugs, scuds, and midge pupae, with a slow swung streamer in the deep spots having the possibility of getting eaten by a monster.  Watch out for spawners and leave them alone!  If you can see them, let them be!

Smaller Creeks:  It’s time to start poking around, fish are moving up out of the main rivers and into the smaller creeks.  This time of year can deliver some really great fish in small water if you’re sneaky enough.