Early Season Fishing is HERE!

One of the best times to fish is NOW!  Two Rivers offers EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE waters to pick from and the best time of the year for many of them is June.  We have access to trophy trout waters all around Sublette County that offer a bent-rod-filled day!  Small streams that challenge any anglers’ skill level, spring creeks that run clear year-round, trophy trout ponds that require strong tippet and long casts, to first-timers’ fishing ponds where you can learn to fly fish over water with opportunities to practice setting the hook and netting Rainbows, Browns, and Brookies.  The Upper Green near Green River Lakes is also a great area for guided fishing trips in the coming month, with big fish and clear water.  Seedskadee is another hot spot for our guides in June.  The flows can be a factor at times, but this section of the Green is well worth a trip if you’re looking to find big fish in the spring. If you’re into Stillwater options-runoff season can be the best time of the year to visit our countless lakes-Soda, Meadow, Dollar, Boulder, and Green River Lakes all fish really well this time of the year.


Green River- 620 cfs

Big Trophy-Sized Browns slamming bugs while fishing on the Green


The Green River has been fishing very well over the last week, but the flows bumped up a lot the last 48 hours.  The water is a little dirty below Warren Bridge access.  The water came up 6 inches at Warren Bridge in the last 24 hours and clarity is less than a foot.  Fishing is decent, but you have to work hard for them and hunt them out of the runs and banks. Streamers have been working well as well the good ol’ bobber. Worms and big stones are your best bet for a lead fly. Streamer color and weight is the main factor right now.  Get them down fast and hunt the banks.

TRFC Guide Andrew Drasch knows how to get people into fish!!!

New Fork River-950 cfs

This river has been fishing well over the last weekend, but is starting to dirty up below Pole Creek and Boulder. The same menu as the Green River-pink, purple and red worms are the ticket. We have found that smaller streamers have been getting the better eat over the last few days!

Seedskadee: 1800 cfs

This section of the Green River is fishing very well. Big fish have been on the move and eating! Streamer fishing is decent and the best way to catch a Big One, although the bobber fishing is more consistent and producing good numbers of fish. The next month is an awesome window to fish this place, so call to book a trip!  We can accommodate up to 3 boats a day on this section of the river. We would love to share this river with the angler looking for something new and something challenging that has big rewards!  This section should be experienced- it truly is a Wyoming angler’s paradise.


The local lakes are fishing well. Book a trip with our guides and let them show you how they fish our local lakes. We fish many of our lakes with great success during the river run-off. If you have ever considered a lake fishing trip give us a call and we can fill you in with details. Best stillwaters this week were Boulder Lake and Fontenelle. Soda Lake will be the hot topic for the next few weeks, especially at night.

Soda Lake

If you need some pointers on flies or fly lines for this lake, stop by the shop and stock up! Leeches, Scuds, Damsels, and Buggers have been the ticket. We have some killer damsels at the shop that have been producing well. The brookies are aggressive and gorging. The water temps will be on the rise over the next week or two, and that will get the fish feeding and being more active during the day. TRFC has been working different flies and times on this lake over the past 2 weeks and can help any angler catch fish out there. If you want to really learn the lake, book a guided trip out there and enjoy learning the secrets of fishing this famous stillwater.

Access Issues and Closures

New Fork: Town to Airport section has a few very tight spots for most drift boats with some early season some log jams and very skinny runs. Nothing on the section is unfloatable, but just keep your eyes on what’s coming next to avoid issues. Stop by the shop if you’re headed that way and we can give you more details. Upper Green (Forest Boundary): The road is open to the lakes,  but with our recent rainy/snowy spell, expect wet, muddy conditions on the road. We will be posting frequent updates as the season progresses. Get in on these prime Green River and New Fork River conditions. Book your fishing trip today!

TRFC Guide Eric Oram slinging and Stripping Bugs this weekend!


Guides’ Choice:

New Gear:  TRFC received some great new hats in this week from Simms-check ’em out!

Fly of the Week:  Leeches! Trout Trap Flies are in for ALL local lakes. Lots of colors have been working- try them all.

Float of the Week:  Green River-Warren to Daniel!  Get the rods and flies ready.

Hot Off the Press:  Two Rivers Fishing Company has many new brands this season! We are located on Pine (main) Street, right in the middle of town.

Rods and Reels:  The new fly rods at TRFC will fit anyone’s needs and budget. We have the Sage X rods in and the Winston FW Air. Both these rods are top-of-the-line and make casting to early-season wily trout feel like cheating.

Street Eats: Wind River Brewing Company! This place has been putting out some great food! Check them out- right by the Great Outdoor Shop!

Quote of the Week: “Was that a fish? It felt like a fish.”-  what you say all day fishing a bobber!


As always, pop in the shop and check out the largest selection of flies in Sublette County, and get the most up-to-date fishing conditions firsthand.

‘Til next time: Row On!