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Meet Guide Bryan Lane!

2019 is off to a great snow-packed start, with lots of cold temps thrown in the mix, which will mean some absolutely fantastic fishing this summer. Our summer season is already booking up quickly, so if you’re thinking about fishing in July, call us ASAP-we are filling up fast. Late June is always a great option for those looking to be one of the first to fish the Gray Drake hatch!  

Spring fishing can be a wonderful time to get outside, cast a fly, and feel the tug of a hungry wild trout. Once the river starts to break free from the ice, the fishing starts with a bang. Sometimes we see this happening in March, and almost always by April.  If you’re looking for an early fishing trip, keep us in mind!

Our guides are what make Two Rivers successful.  We value them and understand that they are our connection from our shop to our clients on our fishing trips. We have, hands down, the best guides in Western Wyoming if you’re looking to fish the Green or New Fork Rivers. Our large Guide team ensures we can match you up with a guide that fits your fishing style, personality, or needs for the trip.  Watch for some short “Get to Know Our Guides” videos over the next few fishing reports so that you can get a feel for our excellent team.  

This month we want to highlight guide Bryan Lane. Bryan has been such a big part of our guide team over the last few years. He is a blast to hang out with and never has a dull moment in the boat. Bryan loves fishing and bird hunting. He leads our Cast and Blast Trips in the fall, and can call in ducks like you wouldn’t believe.  Check out the video and guide bio page to learn more about spending a day with him.

Guide Bryan Lane

Current Conditions


The Green River is running clear under the ice. We have great snowpack, but we still need a few good months of winter to be able to predict the summer water conditions better!


The New Fork is such a special stretch of water-the river is ice as of now, but this river always opens up before the Green and we will start fishing it in March! We can’t wait!

An early season brown from the NEW FORK!


The Green River through Seedskadee is still open near the dam, but the current weather is hard to withstand, so we don’t guide on this section until spring. The start of the season on this tailwater is nearly here-we start to see some decent fishing on this river over the next month.  If you’re interested in some early-season streamer or nymph fishing, this river is about ready!


Ice fishing is in full swing and we have reports of some great fishing on Boulder Lake, Green River Lakes, and New Fork Lake. Pinedale’s annual Ice Fishing Derby is slated for March, so don’t miss that.

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